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Ford Police Car Extended Service Warranties

Olathe Ford Offers United States Warranty Major Mechanical Protection Plans For Police Vehicles

Police Vehicles Extended Service Coverage:

1. Engine - Gasoline: Internally lubricated parts: bearings, pistons, piston pins and a rings, valves, valve springs, valve spring retainers, timing chain or belt tensioners and rocker arms. Timing gear, oil pump, valve guides, followers, valve seats, rocker shafts, push rods, valve lifters, connecting rods, crankshaft and main bearings, camshafts, cam bearings and rocker bushings. Other Parts: water pump, fuel pump, engine mounts, engine cushions, exhaust manifolds (new vehicles only), intake manifold, timing cover, harmonic balancers, vacuum pump, flywheel (flex plate), flywheel ring gear, dipstick and tube, pulleys and eccentric shaft. Engine block, cylinder heads, cylinder barrels, cylinder sleeves/liners, oil pan and valve covers. Diesel Engine: all the above parts plus fuel heater, fuel injection pump and fuel injectors. Turbo Charger: Internally lubricated moving parts contained within the turbo charger housing and the turbo charger housing.

2. Automatic or Standard Transmission - Internally lubricated moving parts contained within the transmission case: torque converter, front pump, reaction shaft, main shaft, counter shaft, input shaft, gears, hub, shift rails, shift forks, internal linkage, bearings, trans mounts, internal trans axle seal, vacuum modulator, oil cooler, oil cooler lines, filler tube and dipstick, the transmission case and oil pan.

3. Drive Axle Assembly - (front and rear)- Internally lubricated moving parts contained within the drive axle housing: constant velocity joints, universal joints, wheel drive hubs and bearings, axle bearings, pinion bearings and non-serviceable bearings. Axle shafts, drive shaft, support and retainer. The drive axle housing and final drive housing.

4. Engine Cooling/Heating - Water pump including: impeller shaft, bearings and bushings. Radiator, heater core, thermostat, fan, fan clutch, fan motor, controller module, coolant recovery unit, fan shroud, electric block heater, heater ducts and cabins.

5. Fuel System - Gasoline & Diesel: fuel pump, fuel injector pump, fuel injectors, fuel distributor, sending unit, fuel tanks, metal fittings, metal fuel lines, fuel pressure regulators, vacuum assist booster pump and auxiliary tank switch.

6. Suspension - Upper and lower control arms, king pins, control arm shafts, rubber suspension bushings, spindle, spindle supports, coil and leaf springs, torsion bars, stabilizer shaft links or bushings, strut bar, rod or link, steering knuckles, wheel bearings, strut and strut bushing (except strut cartridges) and relays.

7. Steering - Internally lubricated moving parts contained within the steering box and the steering box. Rack and pinion gear, power steering pump, power cylinder assembly, pitman arm, idler arm, steering column, bearings, tie rods, drag link, center link, steering damper, control valve and cylinder, cooler, cooler lines, main and intermediate shaft coupling.

8. Brakes - Master cylinder, power brake cylinder, vacuum assist booster, booster pumps, wheel cylinders, disc brake calipers, combination valves, equalizer valve, hydraulic control units, backing plates, rear actuators, springs, clips, retainers, self adjusters, drums, parking brake linkage and cables, hydraulics lines and fittings.

9. Dash Air Conditioning - Compressor, compressor clutch, compressor switch, clutch coil, idler bearings, evaporator, condenser, condenser fan motor, receiver-dryer, accumulator, and programmable temperature control. POA valve, expansion valve, suctions valve, orifice tube, power module, blower motor, blower motor fan, high/low cutoff switches, pressure cycling switch, pulley, duct and duct outlets.

10. Electrical - Generator or alternator, voltage regulator, starter motor, starter solenoid, starter drive, front and rear window wiper motor, distributor, coils, electronic timing control unit, solenoids, relays, front window defroster, mirror motors and mirror controls, power door lock actuators, lock solenoids and control switch, turn signal switch, horn and horn switch, dual battery paralleling switch, battery isolator, back-up alarm and its switch, relay, and audible device. Manually operated driver control switches, vent fan, dashboard clock, cruise control transducer and its engagement switch, servo, relays and power converter.

11. Frame - Bumper welds, bumper wheels and all chassis frame welds.

12. Seal & Gaskets - Seals and gaskets on covered components which prevent the loss of fluid or refrigerants.


13. Audio/Video - AM/FM Stereo with cassette deck and/or CD/DVD player: Circuit boards, power supply, turner assembly, heads, motors, amplifier and laser pickup; Video camera; PA system: speaker, receiver and microphone.

14. Auxiliary Alternator(s) – Bearings, stator, rotor and diodes.

15. Electrical/Lighting – Door activated lights, side directional lights, LED lights, light bars, strobe lights, sirens, spot lights and control switches, remote keyless entry, adjustable pedals.

16. Four Wheel Drive – Internally lubricated moving parts contained within the 4x4 transfer unit: Bearings, shafts, hubs and drive gears. Electronic shift on fly 4x4


Coverage Available for 2006 thru 2009 Model year


Time Begins at Warranty Start Date
Price shown are for NEW VEHICLES
with less than 30,000 miles on the
odometer or 30 months in service.
$100 deductible


Seals & Gaskets #12
Audio/Video #13
Auxiliary Alternator(s) UP TO 200 AMPS #14
(** This charge is per auxiliary unit)
Electrical/Lighting #15
Four Wheel Drive System #16


Police Cars & other police vehicles:

Olathe Ford Lincoln Commercial Sales carries Ford Crown Victoria Police Cars in-stock ready for your personalized decals and equipment. Delivery can be arranged for any state.

Olathe Ford Lincoln is the Midwest's only Ford Certified Crown Victoria Police Car up-fitter!

Ford Fleet Police Vehicles
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