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Why Buy Snow Tires?

Why Buy Snow Tires

Winter brings cold temperatures and bad weather, including ice, snow, and sleet. Winter tires are a practical option for those looking to maintain optimum handling when behind the wheel, and winter tires can even save you money in the long run. While the most common tires in the US are all-season tires, there are several advantages to getting winter tires.



Winter tires are made with special rubber compounds that resist cold temperatures. Rubber can often harden and become brittle in the winter, so by getting special tires, you ensure that your car is operating as safely as possible. Thanks to their design, winter tires also tend to retain air pressure better than your average tire as well.

Special Treads

One major reason to consider winter tires are for their tread. Such tires are made with extra thick tread to give you added grip on the road—something you won’t find on all-season tires. You also get added channels to divert water, which helps to reduce the likelihood of hydroplaning. Handling and safety are paramount in the winter, one reason to get new tires.
Thanks to their design, winter tires hold up in cold temperatures and they give better grip on slippery surfaces. You can also save money in the long run, as winter tires last longer in the winter. Although all-season tires are convenient, they tend to perform mediocre in harsh conditions, therefore wearing out faster. By switching to winter tires, you’re making the right move.

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