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Service Indicator Lights | Olathe, KS

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A vehicle warning indicator lighting up on the dashboard is never a good sign but it isn’t the end of the world. Some of the indicator lights simple mean there’s a problem that needs to be addressed soon. Other lights, however, indicate that there’s a major issue and you need to stop the vehicle and call for a tow truck. Here are a few common indicator lights and what they mean for your car.
Oil Pressure Warning Light
Check Engine Light
Coolant Temp Light
Battery Alert Light


The battery warning light or charging alert is shaped like a square with a negative and positive inside. This light means that there’s an issue with the vehicle charging system or the voltage level is low.

Possible causes include an old battery that’s no longer holding a charging or an issue with the charging system itself. Check out the battery terminals and alternator belt. It wouldn’t hurt to check the battery for defects, like bumps or bulges, while you’re at it.


There are a few indicator lights for the oil. The first generally says “Change Engine Oil” and indicates that the oil life has expired. In order to reset the light, you’ll need to get an oil change for your vehicle.

The second indicator light looks similar to a tea kettle with a drop falling out of the spout and serves as an oil pressure warning. This light is much more serious and require you to stop the vehicle immediately. Check the oil level and pressure or call for a tow to the service department.


If you see a sun-like figure, much like one children draw, it’s an indication that there’s an exterior light that’s burn out or isn’t functioning properly. This light can refer to the headlights or taillights so the only way to know which light isn’t working is to turn them all on and exit the vehicle.

Once you identify the problem, change the bulb or consult a service technician to have the issue checked out and fixed.
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