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Ford History
The Ford Motor Company has been supporting Americans for over 100 years now. With years of hard work and innovation, this is the 5th largest automotive company in the world
1896 - Henry Ford builds his first vehicle, the Quadricycle.
1899 – Henry Ford founds the Detroit Automobile Company but leaves after less than one year.
1903 – The Ford Motor Company is incorporated with 12 investors and $28,000 in cash investments.
1907 – The famous Ford scripted typeface is trademarked. This logo was designed by Chidle Harold Wills.
1908 – This was a big year for Ford because it was the start of the Model T. 15 million of these were sold before production was ended.
1913 – The integrated moving assembly line is introduced to auto production.
1917 – The first truck ever was produced by ford and called the Model TT.
1922 – Ford acquires the Lincoln Motor Company.
1938 – Ford announces the priced Mercury Brand.
1942 – Ford halts production for civilians and focuses on producing equipment for the military.
1948 – The F-Series line of Ford trucks is introduced to the world.
1956 – Ford becomes a publically traded company.
1959 – Ford Credit is founded, which today offers loans and leases to car buyers.
1980 – Phillip Caldwell succeeds Henry Ford II and was the first non Ford-family member to be the chairman and CEO.
1986 – The modular assembly line is introduced into Ford’s St. Louis assembly plant
2003 – Ford celebrates its 100th anniversary.
2007 SYNC starts showing up in vehicles.
2014 – The Ford Mustang celebrates its 50th anniversary.
We can’t wait to see what will happen with Ford in the future!
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